Background of Intelligence Development Center

The first concrete training center for Special Branch personnel was established in 1992. A sub-division, which is known at that time as "Sub-Division 5 of General Staff Division", was set up to train the personnel of Special Branch and other units’ personnel on   

intelligence operations.

Due to the increasing scale of threats against internal security and international terrorist situations, the Special Branch subsequently has highlighted the unit development and capacity enhancement of intelligence officer and upgraded Sub-Division 5 of General Staff

Division to be the “Intelligence Development Center" which is directed by Deputy Commander and has the main goals to enhance the efficiency in intelligence operations and in providing security to important persons and places, and to seek good cooperation with domestic and international units in order to stabilize national security.

The strong intention and determination to develop the unit has brought about the excellent cooperation from the U.S. Government which is one of the countries supporting the capacity enhancement of national security units in Thailand. The U.S. Government financially assists in building the infrastructure of Intelligence Development Center of Special Branch on a 30 rais of Royal estate in Tungsonghong Sub-Distirct, Laksi District, Bangkok and furnishes it with all necessary equipment. The aids approximately cost 2.5 million USD. The ceremony of laying prime construction stone was on 19 September 2006 and the official inauguration was scheduled on 17 November 2007 which was the date marking 75th anniversary of Special Branch Establishment.